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Smoke + Mirrors: Self-Love through the Shadows puts us in vulnerable positions as we journey to face our shadows and shift our self-talk.

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Smoke + Mirrors is inspired by Womxn’s Hxrstory Month. eres. recognizes that before we can truly and effectively help our community, we must first love ALL of ourselves.

Self- Love often seems to have specific directions and rules on how you achieve it, falsely portraying it as being all rainbows and positivity.

in this workshop, we use writing, movement, meditation, and our voices to explore and confront ourselves while we look at what self- love really means to us individually. we are encouraged to unlearn the systemic hate we have internalized and rethink the beliefs we hold about ourselves.

this workshop is open to women of color, transwomen of color, gender nonconforming POC, gender nonbinary POC, gender fluid POC, intersex POC, femme and queer womxn of color.

all ages are encouraged to register.
Limited space is available.